5 Of The Best Boating Holiday Destinations

buying a yacht

Whoever gets to experience the joy and pleasure of buying a yacht will have to undertake several major key considerations before ever making that final decision. Of course, when you have your yacht, the point is about finding different ways and places to experience some truly life-changing moments and find the tranquility that yacht and boat owners search for in their life.

Holidaying is one of the biggest reasons for investing in this great pastime, and wherever you decide to go, you want to make sure that you can squeeze every last drop of enjoyment from those days with friends and family in the best possible way.

What destinations are perfect for a boating holiday? Here’s our guide to get you thinking about your next journey.


The hidden gem of the Mediterranean, and one that should never be missed. With its thousand islands, crystal blue water and coastline that hugs the sea and sits across from Italy and is cradled by Greece and other, closer neighbors, this is a taste of everything that the Mediterranean can offer, with its own unique twists.

With the Kornati Archipelago and other islands with a chartered history such as Korčula, Hvar or Brač, this is a holiday for those who prefer the peace and quiet, but where one quick journey brings fun and entertainment.

French Riviera

For those who grew up with Floyd on TV or anyone that has watched a simple travel show, the French Riviera is a crown jewel of both glamour and maritime enjoyment.

Rugged inlets, unspoiled islands, and large resorts are part of the story. The other is a coastline that runs to islands of Port Cros and Porquerolles where you get a mixture of all things French, Italian and Spanish. Perfect for the voyager in this new-found terrain.


One of the best sailing destinations in Southeast Asia, the lush lands, extensive coastline, and gnarly rock formations make visiting Thailand one of the most exciting and entertaining places in the world. Crystalline water and tranquility abide in this holiday destination.

From exotic plant life to hidden coves and bays, this is for the explorer who could see themselves having fun in the day and reading Hemingway by night.

The British Virgin Islands

One of the purest and most unique experiences in sailing and holiday. The British Virgin Islands has some of the most astonishing coral reefs, flood caves and stone formations you could ask for.

Tortola is a must visit for those that want to see the way the Islanders live their lives. From protecting the surrounding islands, it is also a great way to enjoy sailing in a tranquil spot of the world.


With all the talk of Croatia and France, there is another sailing destination that brings out the best in both on the sea and onshore entertainment, Greece. With sandy beaches and that never-ending Mediterranean climate, sailing here is about having fun, and enjoying every last drop of it at the same time.

With so many activities to do in places such as Corfu, Lefkas, and the Cyclades regions, you can be immersed in history at the Acropolis or find the comforts of modernity in Santorini in Mykonos. A perfect all-rounder.